SOLE – Self Organised Learning Environment

I was really inspired by Sugat Mitra’s prize winning TED talk – Build a school in the Cloud

so I started thinking about some big questions to try. My bottom Year 10 class are doing permitter, area and volume (again!) so will try these questions this week”

How many people can we fit in our classroom?

If the classroom was sealed – how long will they survive?

I’ll take some footage and report back on the success or otherwise.

I am also experimenting with SOLE and my own children (Sam 7 and Matthew 9) (after all one’s own kids are a perfect experimental environment!). They have recently discovered “Cool Maths Games” and are really enjoying it.  So I downloaded Scratch and told them to create! They have already found tutorials on YouTube and the user forum on the website as tools to assist them in their discovery. Oh and when I searched on my old laptop to find the program it came up with an introductory guide (pdf) that I have used with students before – Sam quickly said that he wanted me to leave that open and Matthew wanted me to transfer it to his computer as well.

What a great way to start a Sunday – watching inspirational TED talks!

Author: simonborgert

An educator wanting to experiment with Web 2.0 Tools

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