Colo Meroo Camping – Wollemi National Park

What a great spot! An easy 2.5km walk in from Upper Colo Road (Google Map) . We spent a fantastic 4 nights here with our three children and Chris & Sandie with their three kids!

The campsite can be reached in three different ways – a longish walk in from Mountain Lagoon, liloing in from Bob Turners track or a flat walk from the end of Upper Colo Road. If walking from the end of Upper Colo road the trail passes through private property so make sure that you stay on it and leave gates the way they were when you came through. A well sign posted detour with styles over the fences allows you to avoid one property.

It is a well grassed site with room for about 10 different groups. The picnic shed was handy to shelter from the hot sun and there is a well cleared fire area. The river is about 150 – 200m walk from the campsite (not the 500 it says on the sign!) and we drank it straight – no treatment. The Colo is a fantastic river for children – although it flows quite fast it is mostly shallow with a coarse sandy bottom.

The first night we shared with one other guy who had been coming to this spot for years – we had a great chat. Later that evening a bunch of university students from UNSW (many of whom knew our nephews!) came in as well. The second night we had it to ourselves!

The third day dawned hot and sunny and we set off up the river for about 2.5 km. Along the way we saw numerous animal tracks – possum and wild dog/dingo. The walk upstream was fairly hard going but we floated back down! Storms threatened but although we got rained on upstream they missed the campsite  A family of five joined us after an arduous trek in from Mountain Lagoon (they had lost the trail in several spots).

We spent the final (very hot!) day just lazing about in the river and when it became to hot we played cards in the picnic shed.That evening we were joined by a couple who had made the lilo journey from Bob Turners track.

After we walked out we detoured home via Wiseman’s Ferry for lunch at the pub.

A great 4 night trip!

Walking Party
The kids with Sandie & Pru about to head off on the walk into Colo Meroo
Colo River
Testing out the Colo River for the first time
Colo River
Looking downstream towards the Campsite from a big sandy beach
Sandy Beach just upstream from the Colo
Sandy beach just upstream from the Colo Meroo camp site
Colo River
Swimming upstream opposite the campsite
Colo Meroo
Chris, Pru & Sandie around the campfire at Colo Meroo
Colo Meroo
Simon & Pru around the campfire at Colo Meroo
Colo Meroo
Storm that went around us at Colo Meroo
Colo Meroo
Cooking risotto for 10 at Colo Meroo
Colo Meroo
Colo Meroo Cricket oval and picnic pavillion
Colo Meroo
Our campsite under the trees for some shade at Colo Meroo
What a luxury - picnic tables at Colo Meroo
What a luxury – picnic tables at Colo Meroo
Colo Meroo
Around the campfire at Colo Meroo